College Rules

  • Ragging in any form is totally banned in the institute and anyone found indulging in ragging is severely punished including dismissal from the institute
  • Students are required to be regular and punctual to the classes.
  • All students should wear clean and the appropriate uniforms that are stipulated while attending the classes.
  • Each student of the institute must possess Student Identity Card with his/her photograph affixed on it, duly attested by the Principal.
  • Students shall attend the classes on time.
  • Students should make use of the dustbins provided for throwing bits or paper etc. They are expected to keep the institute campus neat and clean.
  • Indiscipline, disrespectful behaviour, bad moral influence, wilful damage to the institute property will result strict disciplinary action against the student.
  • Students should not involve themselves either directly or indirectly in any form of politics either inside or outside the institute during their period of study.
  • A minimum of 75% attendance is expected, in each semester to appear in the semester end examination.
  • A student with less than 60% of attendance in any subject of the semester will not be eligible to appear Semester End Examinations of the institute.
  • Students are not allowed to take leave of absence without permission.
  • Students should attend all classes regularly and punctually
  • Students without proper Uniform will not be allowed to enter into the class and will be marked absent.
  • Continuous absence from class on medical grounds will be considered only on production of medical certificate and written letter from parent
  • The students are expected to take up all sessional work, class tests and seminars of the subjects seriously and would try to perform the best.
  • Any student found indulging in malpractices during the exams will be debarred from appearing for the rest of the examinations and action taken by the Controller of Examination will be final.